Preparing For ‘Cross Dress Me’ Night!

Monday, 24 September 2007


I just did a 4:30 to Midnight shift. It actually goes very quickly, I didn?t mind it that much at all. The only thing that really bugs me, not just about to night, but at work in general; there are way too many managers out there. There was two in tonight and at one point, one of them told me to do something after I?d finished filling up shelves, then when I had the other manager came over and asked me to do something different. I did that something different and then the first manager comes back over to me and asks what I?m doing. Things like that kept happening. Ok, let me just fill you in. The first manager, Sharon, is actually the manager that suspected me of stealing 50 from out of the tills, so she doesn?t really see me as that honest. So I have been working hard to try and get her on my side again, but things just don?t work out that way, it?s like she?s destined not to like me.

Today was the second Sunday in a row where I?ve been working overtime. In fact, that reminds me, last week I did one of the things I hoped to do before I died! I ran up a down escalator! Obviously it wasn?t half as fun as it should have been, but it was still worth doing! I?ve always wanted to do that! Not sure why.

I?ve been trying for a couple of weeks now to sort out my holiday. The week I secretly want off is in two weeks; week beginning Monday 8th. The reason; so I can get ready for the ?Cross Dress Me? night that I?m still hopeful about going to. Now if I?d have actually booked my holiday when I wanted to, then it should be fine, but now I might be cutting it a bit, I?m sure if I?ll be allowed to have it off at such short notice. I?ve tried many times, but it?s either been too busy, the ?holiday folder? was missing, the staffing person was going home, my sheets weren?t in the holiday folder, or I?m being told to go elsewhere. It?s SO annoying! I really need that time off!! They have no idea what this night out means to me!

Anyway, it has gone 2am, and I am working tomorrow, so I?ll call it a night.

Currently I?m? half watching, half not, a film in which there?s currently a girl and a guy on what could well be Brighton beach. The girl just sat down, the guy is still standing. Nothing much else happening there. Wow, what a good film. Of course the lack of sound does take a bit out of it!

Ok, Night! X


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