No More Closets

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


This is my new year. This is the 1st Birthday of this diary. And as one would do once their diary has been around this long, I?m going to review my year. I think from now on the 18th September will be my Diary New Year. So here goes, lets see how far I?ve come.

This time last year I was, and I quote ?an unemployed university drop out who can?t focus for shit because all I ever think about is, ?Why wasn?t I born female??? and also, ?the only person I?ve opened up to is a guy who today left for his Uni. So now I?m feeling kinda stranded and lost. He was also the force behind my socialising, so now I don?t feel like I?m going to go out at all until he comes back for Christmas, not that I?ve got the money to anyway.?

So what?s different? I am no longer unemployed, so that covers two of the problems I talked about there; being unemployed and broke. Everything else, I?m afraid, isn?t too far away from how I feel now. Granted Rob hasn?t left for uni yet, but as soon as he does my social life will deplete itself again. Not as much as last year, though, I hope. At least me and Woo have got one night organised. 8th October is a date for the diary, possibly the most interesting day of my year if it pans out as I hope. We are going on a ?Cross Dress Me? night, and somewhat surprisingly, he is very excited about it. I will probably be taking it pretty seriously, and I will want to look my best, of course. I don?t know if he?s really a crossdresser himself, or maybe he?s just curious as to what I look like. Anyway, it all seems to be working out to plan anyway. Woo?s parents are going to be away for the week that that night is on, and I?m going to be trying to get that week off from work. I can see it now, we all go around to Woo?s, put on some make-up, try on some clothes, and have a great time! Not sure how comfortable he?ll be around me though, knowing my secret and all.

Anyway, moving on, lets look back at the highlights from my year? (I feel like I?m on ?This Is Your Life? or something, except the fact I?m completely on my own, it?s kinda sad really!).

Ok, thinking about it, looking back at a whole years worth of diary writing is going to be a bit of a chore, so today I?ll look back at just last September?

Crane Flies invaded!

I had many annoying task lists from my Mum.

There were frequent cross-dressing occasions.

First idea that Charlie wanted friendship!

Charlie wanted to dress me as a Bunnygirl.

That?s about it really. I totally forgot about Charlie wanting to do that to me. In fact that?s kinda filled me with a sense of doubt now about whether or not this other crossdressing night will go ahead. God I really hope it does, I hope it doesn?t just get forgotten about like every other plan we seem to have.

So, targets for this coming year?

Open myself up completely to everyone that would care.

Get back to the Doctor?s.

Begin my transition.

Go out more as Ella.

Get a new camera.

Take more photos.

Get/Keep a job.

That?s it, that?s my targets. Last years ?title? was ?Maybe, Just Maybe?. I think I?ll make this years ?No More Closets?. Hopefully.

Well, I am now uploading this to a blog, and I hope I can update it regularly. Lets get this blog thing sorted, I like the idea of people reading things I write. Makes it seem a whole lot less pointless!

I?m currently ? Watching ?Family Guy? on TV

Night! X


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