Abstract Balls!

Friday, 21 September 2007


So that was no TV and Computer Day. And look at that, I?m here right on the dot of midnight. It?s not what it looks like, it?s not like I?ve been desperately waiting for this very moment all day. The truth is I was already on here anyway, and it?s actually just a coincidence I came on at this time. Screw Rules!

I actually didn?t mind today too much. I woke up late, and I mean late. Like 1:30pm. Normally I don?t like waking up that late, but I didn?t mind that much today because I couldn?t do a lot anyway! I had some dinner and then went around to my Nan?s to do her lawn. Her lawn has now got to the point that it probably won?t need cutting again for a long time. The winter is drawing in after all. With Christmas riding on the back of it with a just about audible distant sound of Ho Ho Ho?s.

Let me just say. I do love Christmas, but like almost everyone I speak to, I think the build-up starts much too early. I mean it?s just over 3 months until ?The Big Day?. What on earth?! Where?s the point? It?s no wonder that Christmas is getting more and more disappointing, with so much excitement in the build-up, it all kinda dies out toward the end! I think the build-up should start, earliest, at the beginning of December. That way it makes it feel even more special. Actually I think that should be made a law. Seriously!

Anyway, I did Nan?s lawn, and she was happy. Then afterwards me and Dad went into town. We went into the place of my work and bought a pair of woman?s shoes together, then headed to the checkout. Let me just say, everything I just said is all factual, but I did miss out some minor points. We bought them for Mum, we also bought some boxers for Dad, and we weren?t in town just to do that. Nevertheless, I can?t imagine any of my other friends who?s Dad would go into town with them and buy a pair of women?s shoes! Is my Dad accepting of femininity, or is he himself not all that masculine anyway? He was embarrassed mind you. I still think he wouldn?t be happy with me if I told him the truth though.

What we really went into town for was to look at buying me a camera. We succeeded in the looking but not the buying. The one I want (Canon 400D) was there and I had a bit of a go and I did want it. The guy that was trying to sell it us was one year younger than I and the words coming out of his mouth were basically a foreign language to me. He kept talking about all the features and things like that but the words just baffled. I will hope to learn some of those things, but for now I just want to take great pics and experiment at the same time, see what I can do. After all, photography is about the photos rather than the camera right?!

Talking of photos, I did take a few today. When I came home tonight I read a bit of the last Harry Potter book and put on a load of my novelty lights I have in my room. Let me just backtrack a bit, I LOVE novelty lights, or at least used to. I just loved the colours moving about my room and the gentle changing colours of various lights. It just relaxed me so much. Made me feel great. Another example of how I may well be autistic. My parents did think I was when I was younger, but nothing really came from it. I?m not entirely autistic, I know that much now, but I feel like there might just be something in there. Maybe it?s just the fact I?ve never been comfortable in my own body and so have never really had that much confidence. But lets not bring that up again.

The photos, yes. I took some photos of the disco ball I have in my room, and with a bit of fiddling around, this is what came out.

Dark DiscoAbstract Ball

Pretty good abstract kind of images I think. I like them considering I did them in like 5 minutes.

Anyway, without further ado, I must go bed-ward!

I?m currently? Listening to ?Now I?m Everyone? by Biffy Clyro. I bought the album, but I really haven?t heard that much. This song sounds ok, could get boring though.

Night! X


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